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Health: Post MMRV Reaction

Please note that I am not dispensing medical advise via this blog.

Any child who is ill must be reviewed by a medical professional. A complete history and physical examination is crucial in reaching proper diagnosis.

Both my kids have never develop post vaccination reaction. Not even a small swelling.

Here is our first.

I gave Lil Dragon her MMRV (Priori-Tetrax- GSK) jab on the evening of 2nd August 2013. A week after that she woke up with these small maculo-papular lesions on her face and a swollen left eye. First thing MIL said was, "Mosquito bites."  Rubbed some Lucas Papaw on the lesions, praying for them to be bites but nothing miraculous happened.


She was still her usual cheeky self, so I decided to go ahead with our weekend getaway. I just packed some extra anti-pyretics into our medicine bag, just in case. I will write another post on our medical bag's content.

The boobs came in handy..I no longer carry my pumps like the previous Hari Raya break when we stayed at The Majestic Hotel, Malacca. Now, she just DL. Ladies, please do try to breastfeed, you will thank me later. A soother, a pacifier, food, medicine, fluids all rolled into one travel convenient package.


We went for a swim and she was the first to run towards the wading  pool. She was laughing, kicking and splashing; unlike Tiger who cried and cried when we first introduced him to a pool.

Later that evening, she developed fever. MIL complained that it was the 'swimming'. Bah...I just gently suggested that it was most likely the vaccination. In anticipation that MMRV is likely to cause febrile seizures, I put her on regular anti-pyretics for the next 24 hours. The fever was well-controlled and it was gone with the rash within 36 hours.

Here she is, the next morning. All better. I am sharing this because I know a lot of parents are worried about the MMR vaccination. The most important factor here is your role as an informed parent. Do the right thing.

A little on MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) and MMRV (plus varicella)

At 1 year old, the MOH offers MMR vaccination. Varicella (Chickenpox) or the combination (MMRV) form is only available in private healthcare centers.

When you opt for MMRV, you are saving the child from one extra prick but at the same time, the child has a higher risk of developing high grade fever within 42 days post vaccination. Commonest at 5-12 days. Febrile seizure may or may not occur.

Common Myths:

MMR vaccinations do not cause autism. Period.  
The Lancet published a study by Mr. Andrew Wakefield, MD (previously Dr) that stated that the combined MMR vaccine was linked to autism. However, investigations proved that Wakefield’s research was fraud, unfounded and biased. The Lancet itself withdrew the article and Wakefield lost his medical licence.

Breastfeeding replaces vaccination. 
Passive immunity from mommy comes in the form of IgG via the placenta and last about 6-8 months for your baby. After that, your baby is no longer protected. In order to give them active immunity, man created vaccination. That man would be Edward Jenner who saved the world from smallpox. Vaccination basically imitates an infection which will cause production of IgG for further protection. Occasionally, boosters may be needed like the DPT shots.

Now, breastfeeding on the other hand provides protection in the from of IgA.
It means that if you breastfeed but do not vaccinate your child, he or she may still get chickenpox but breastfeeding will make it less serious.

Risks and responsiblities
For parents who are against vaccinations. Sigh....for the sake of their children, I hope that 'herd immunity'  protects them for as long as possible.
Every medication comes with risk, even paracetamol.

So, the most important step for you as a parent is to empower yourself with knowledge BUT do not be the doctor. Always seek professional opinion instead of posting silly questions on FB.

Get the correct information from:
1. CDC: For parents. Understand how vaccines work, misconception, risks, etc

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