Monday, 29 July 2013

Baby School: Lesson 2 @ 12 months

Baby School's tagline: Let's play

I prepared these trays.
1. Small muffin tray with reusable ice (replaced them with porcupine balls later)
2. Ciggie holder/ashtray with unsharpened pencils
3. Faux grass with some miniature animals

1. Magnetic three piece animal puzzle
2. Magnetic ABC book (M&D)
3. Poker chips and raisin can

And the winner of the week is...........

 Every time I watch her little hands at work, I am giddy with joy :)

She was also into the 'letter box'
She will open one, take out some letters, examine, replace them and close.
 The tray for one-to-one correspondence.
She did well considering her attention span

It was great for sensory too.

Tiger saw a video of his ice cream shop in my phone and.... we go again.
Can I be cheap and pretend this is Lil Dragon's first sensory box?

I was kacau-ing her with the pom-poms when the brother decided to copy cat.
We showed Lil Dragon
soft, big, small, red, blue, pink, many, few, in, out, scoop, etc

She was excellent at pour and throw

When she is doing it free style, it's messier :)

Maria Montessori would not be pleased with Tiger's extension of the broad stairs

She is also obsessed with my phone.
She swipes her fingers like an expert while looking for songs and videos.

During the weekend, she yelled and screamed to join us outdoors.
She is a very giving child but somehow they always end up slapping each other.
Occasionally, they play nice.

Cute, kan?
The teeny dimples and cheeky smile drives me nuts.

Oooh, the trays that I did not photograph, she ignored.
Tiger played with them instead.
So it was not a total waste of my time


甯妈妈 said...

what's the reusable ice? where i can get it?

Jessica Tan said...

Reusable ice is like water in silicone/plastic material. They use for cocktails so that the taste is not diluted when ice melts. Can get in Fun And Cheer

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