Thursday, 18 July 2013

Lil Tiger: 3 Years 2 Months

What can I say about this preschooler that I haven't already mentioned?

Sorry la if I bore you guys but this is for Tiger....

At 3 years 2 months, he is more friendly and out spoken than before.
To the point that rude people like my mom complain that he talks too much.

He has develop the habit of saying Thank you, Excuse me, and Sorry
as deemed appropriate.

He no longer hide between my legs in the presence of strangers.
I think having a sibling plays a big part in 'curing' my innately shy boy.

His favourite person is still my sister's husband, C.

he is a typical three year old with boundless enthusiasm and energy.
I am fine with it as long as he stays safe and does not interfere with other people's business,

Once I smacked his hand in the car park when he refused to be held.
Howled like a dog for 1 minute and then he apologised.

I don't believe in physical punishment.

did I mention that I have not visited Bao Bei Reading Wonderland.
Or met the teachers personally 
and yet I am very happy with his progress?
He loves Chinese flashcards and books now.
He is also more open to converse in Chinese.

He also teaches his banana father who buys him Tutti Fruitti
every time he garners more cards from the set of 80 being taught in Bao Bei.

For a banana boy, he has received 9 cards in the past 1 month 1 week.

Loves alphabets and making up words instead of reading books.
I just let him be.

Like doing this:

And painting this

He always ask for Mandalas.
When he makes a mistake, he will say...
Oh...wrong already. Sorry. I try again tomorrow

he loves the YAMAHA classes.
Occasionally, he hums tunes from the class.
Or he will tell me big man's drum is BANG BANG BANG;
small man's drum is tock tock tock

He has no problem following instructions or remain focused for the one hour.

he is in his artsy crafty and Geography phase.

he is learning about delayed gratification
and accepting limits.

For example, if he chooses one flag sticker a day, we will play the game everyday.
If he chooses to use all the stickers, then we will no longer have geography lesson on flags.
He chose a flag sticker a day
"Mama, I one day one sticker only. Tomorrow I put again"

On limits, I don't say yes to everything he ask for.
Like mechanical rides, sweets, etc.
Of course, there were public meltdowns but it's okay,
I have thick skin and couldn't care less about others' opinions.

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