Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Preschool: Countries & Flags

Admittedly, I buy a lot of things/teaching tools for my children
 they don't attend daycare which cost about RM1000 a month
 right brain classes, save another RM 400 a month 

I just have to remember everything I bought and put them to good use.
Which I do.
I have a mental inventory.

Right now, he is into flags.
 He went through all the flags with his talking pen.
It 'talks' in more than 10 languages.
Even Russian...hihi...we had a good laugh.

When I told him that Spain is in Europe.
He went back to the Montessori continent map and kept
 singing the Continent Song repeatedly.

I made this into a game by writing the name of each country on small white label sticker.
He thought that was cool and insisted on labeling all thirty flags

We also played a matching game with his flag stickers.
We used some when he was attending Tweeddlewink here
He found the matching Egypt sticker and put it on the map

 Then we did Brazil

Matching sticker to the flag

I love Geography...

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