Monday, 22 July 2013

Messy Play: Coloured Cloud Dough

 I absolutely love it when I am free on Saturday mornings.
Both of us will be outdoors the moment we are half awake...
I will have my Nescafe Gusto and he will be in jammies...
Clean teeth and hair not required  :)

I prepared the materials on Friday night and stupidly wanted to try it out immediately.
Luckily, Lil Dragon joined us and I evaded a major catastrophe.
NOT FOR INDOORS, my friends...

Multipurpose Flour ---> 8 CUPS
Baby oil --->  1 CUP

He is a big boy now, so he got measure out 8 cups by himself.

Baby oil has a ton of usage besides making cloud dough.
I wanted to keep some for Hub's golf clubs but the munchkin used the whole bottle!
I was weeding (OCD)
For 45 uses of baby oil, read here

See the face and pose?
Cannot tahan him....
I suggested, "Try with one finger?"
Dirrrrrty and oily it seems.....

Had to let him stir with a bubble wand first

After a while.....

Guess who decided to join us?
And ended up in a urine specimen bottle (clean one la)?

After one minute, we let it go.
When Tiger couldn't find it anymore,
 he declared the grasshopper dead because mama stepped on it.
I love our outdoor classes...always something extra will turn up....

Like self service in the art drawer :)

We ended up with coloured dough and

 played Cupcake Shop

Cupcakes, anyone?

He insisted on bathing outdoors.
This is his version of swimming where the water does not come into contact with his face.

I usually do some gardening while he plays unless
he calls for me to join him.
Otherwise, I find myself annoyingly interruptive.

Everything was oily after play.
Some amount of cleaning up and washing is required
I stored the container for play in the evening but ours became too mushy
(because of all the paint he added)

Cost of flour and baby oil is much cheaper than buying PlayDoh :)
 But keep it outdoor, ya?

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