Monday, 22 July 2013

Baby School: What Really Happens During Class...

Remember I mentioned Lil Dragon ignored the trays?

Besides the poker chips tray, she enjoyed this
And ONLY THIS giant beads tray
I was tired of holding the sticks, so I borrowed the tin from another tray
So, she enjoyed 2 out of six trays
Okay laaaa.....
Surprisingly, she likes flashcards.
Weird, I know....Is this a girl thing?
Because Tiger used to despise them.
He would rather remove his pinky finger than do flashcards

She 'reads' everything as /x/

Tiger only started enjoying cards after he turned 2.5 year old.
Now, he LOVES the Chinese ones.
Their Chinese lesson went like this:

Tiger: Sit, mei-mei. I teach you.

Five seconds later...
Dragon: Watch me get out

Watch me climb

Check out the gangster pose

Let me adjust....again

Hmmmm.....what else?
By now, Tiger has given up and went to do his own thing.

She meddled with the Bumbo for a good 15 minutes.
Sigh, stupid purchase of mine

When I am playing with the sister, Lil Tiger will self study.
This is why I think Bao Bei is worth my money.
He is so motivated to practice Chinese now.

I am going to introduce Brillkid's Little Reader and Little Math to her this week.
 Fingers crossed she will make it a worthwhile investment.

I showed them Tweedlewink's Lesson 1 DVD once.
Tiger was so excited about seeing the tuning forks again.
Lil Dragon?

Funny kids.
They have no idea how much I enjoy watching them.
Even though I am sure my blood pressure went up a few notches.

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