Monday, 1 July 2013

Messy Play: Ice Cream Dough

I was searching for some messy goodness when I came across this 
recipe for ice cream dough from Play Create Explore

Since he is STILL requesting for his ice cream shop, 
this recipe was perfect!

Since we learn best at play, took this opportunity to show him some fractions
with the measuring cups and puzzles
He was more excited about the fact that I was writing on the floor :)
Measuring cups from Tesco
Fractions puzzle from USL education supplies

Ingredients needed:
Cornflour, conditioner, measuring cups, food coloring.
I added some milk powder scoops for him to do the scooping himself.
The DOVE conditioner was an FOC product.
Always ask for free stuff when you shop at Guardian.
They always give me some travel-sized goodies

Transferring cornflour into measuring cups

We used the Daiso shoe box as a mixing bowl :)

He couldn't wait to add the food coloring.
Called it 'sauce'

Ice cream!

He requested for chocolate and porrerri (strawberry)sauce 

I don't enjoy the messiness
I love watching him enjoy the experience.
I love watching his hands at work.
I love his focus.

 I especially love it when he declared,

"Okay, finish. So nice, huh?
Thank you.
I want to wash and go sleep already"

Then he helps to clean up and wash himself before nap.

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