Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Preschool Series July 2013

Pretend Play: Doctors
I resisted buying a doctor kit for the longest time.
I want Tiger to be a pilot so that I can travel cheap...hihi.
No la, I want him to be whatever he likes. 
Something out of the box. Preferably sans tutu.
"You can do anything" 
I bought the kit from Babyland SS2 and THEN I saw it in ToyRus sales for RM 20
Aarrghhhh.....sakit hati betul
The cute first aid box is from DAISO
The foam body parts puzzle is from IKANO (the kiosk in front of POPULAR)
The play set is again free from Enfagrow.

Fine Motor and Patterning:
Shoe laces
Flower sponges from Daiso (can see how much I lurrrve Daiso?)
Cut straws from my ex-fav drinks, bubble tea
That means I used to like the drink not my ex. 

Stencils & sponges
Practical life
Tap-a-shape from ELC
Geometric shape board from USL

Practical life
Pouring (from last week)

For fun
Play dough, cookie cutter, alphabets for spelling, some accessories

Recently he has shown interest for flags
Hubs is the flag expert.
I need this
This board is from Gift2kids (Talking pen accessory)

 I am interested in...............shelf
This week: flags
I use the faux grass to display the flags...i feel so 'clebber'

His Read shelf:
Peter and Jane 2B
Kohwai & Young: Word Families; Book 2 n 3
The Chicka Chicka Boom Boom letters
He painted every one except 'z' which I did with a dual color and sparkles.
He wasn't impressed at all. Prefers poop-ish colours.
*roll eyes*
I attached them to the shelf with duct tape and masking tape....

I love this room so much :)

Notice the absence of Music and Chinese?
I can only do so much.
Chinese is in the black drawers with the right brain stuff.
And my Tweedlewink tuning forks, well, later la....
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