Friday, 26 July 2013

Preschool: July Report

Tiger's still very into homeschool at the moment.
I am not allowed to laze around after dinner.
He will creep next to me and say, "I want to study"
No matter how tired, I will always smile and play along.

He is able to decode and blend simple ones.
When reading a new word, I usually sound out the first letter and let him guess.
It's okay to get it wrong, as long as the child tries.

He uses play dough for spelling purposes only :)
He enjoys creating his own words and then ask,
"Is this a word?"

'Reading' to his sister

Fine Motor
I'd prefer he strengthen his small hands muscles with fine motor activities
instead of writing at this age
but he loves this ABC stencil (you can get from any book store)

Tap a shape
He was like Wow for 5 minutes....quickly became blah.
Will have to try again later with this one.

Threading with straws

He came up with this pattern :)
Another blah tray...

He loves the Master of Addition CD from Shichida
despite the weird singing

Geometric puzzle
I demonstrated with the red rods.
He was to self correct.
In this picture, you can see he got the height component all wrong.

I just watched quietly as he corrected himself and declared,
"I'm done. All correct"
I just smile and shrugged, as in 'no biggie'
 but really, I LOVE moments like this.
Patience, concentration, self-satisfaction, no praise.

We were quite disciplined with the lessons this time around.
This picture was taken on Day 1. 
Look so interested, right?
By Day 2, they were pressing all the keys 
By Day 3, Lil Dragon was pointing when the image showed POINT.
^.^ cute!

Tiger had a problem doing 'v' with his finger...weird...
Until this week, that is. He secretly asked his nana to help him and
surprised me in class :)
 He kept signing 'v' and asking,
"You want two?"
"Mama, that is two is it?"

Chinese/Bao Bei
Model student...woot! woot!
His papa was more thrilled than I was 
First time la...give face a bit....
His progress: 
3rd week: 1 card
4th week :4 cards
5th week: 4 cards
6th week: 8 cards
Teacher's report: Very serious during flashcard session.
I like to think it was due to our home practice. 

 The best part about including Lil Dragon in class?
They are more than siblings now....more 'friend',
can play nice together

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