Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tot School: Valentine Week

Tiger's 20.5 months

I have been a little lazy this week, so there aren't as many pics..

just some random shots whenever I find the energy to lift the camera


Here's the setup for the Tot Trays.

He enjoyed the messy art tray very, very much.

He also loved the dough tray

Break time!

He couldn't be bothered with the sorting or tacky hearts trays.
So, I made another tray for him :p
Some colored rice with hidden alphabets for scooping.

He DID love the worksheets I laid out.
He did 2 of these:

And 3 copies of stickering hearts:

When that was not enough, I printed more from Our Little Monkeys
 Talented mama, Dawn made some valentine printout for boys!

Here, Tiger was shadow-matching some transports with glitter glue.
He is able to point out the car, train, truck, lorry, bicycle and helicopter..surprise surprise!
Boys will be boys, huh?

We also did some number matching

With another one of his fav puzzles...he brought it to Daddy's room to show off :)
He can recognize the numbers individually but
if he reads them in a row, he'll say "eight, six, eight, six..."

We played with some sidewalk chalk.
Loved it!

The weekend was spent lazying at home and playing waterpark
Here Tiger was signing NO to Daddy (who was shooting him with a water gun)

Daddy showing Tiger how to use the water squirter

The chubby parents, super fat after the yummy BBQ..
Thanks hubs!

Mommy's favourite

My little boy with his new sunnies, driving my old car..

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