Friday, 10 February 2012

Tot School: No Theme Week at 20 months

We will be switching to Valentine's activities next week, so here's a report on week 18 before I forget.

Some may think that the trays were a little advanced but we have been doing home practice on a regular basis since Tiger was 9 months old & trays since he was one...

He did not want to use the Doman cards again
(Thank God I didn't buy the original set, I may have to shoot myself)
We used the small cards only.
I read it out loud as he places them on the wall chart.
Then I made a box with a slit and he was made to run across the room to insert them.
Not much learning but it was fun!

He has learned to hold the end of the tuning fork
Loved it, as usual.
In his Tweedlewink class, he sometimes insist of doing it for his teacher as well  :)

He LOVES this puzzle..
Towards the end of 2 weeks, he said "No" to all the trays except this!
I may have to rotate his trays more often..

One of his absolute fav puzzles
Consists of 9 animal faces in halves

He stacked and nested for awhile but this boy enjoys making trains more :)
We talked about colours and look through the books
He learned 'cut' and 'toothbrush'

Not interested at all in the Chinese cards/book..haha!
I bought some simple chinese magnets to entice him next week, so we'll see  =)

Practical life:
He enjoyed the pouring but at one point the plastic beads were making too much noise
He signed "scared" and ignored the tray subsequently...hehe
I'll have to use quieter materials next time...

Here's the link to the post: Phonics play

He insist on doing all his drawing or writing work at the desk.
Tells me to 'sit' as well
I have been writing his name frequently and he is learning to spell it..misses letters here and there
He tries to spell " C.a.c.c...Car!"
The cuteness!

Uncaps and recaps his markers on his own now.

His daily rhythm:
This is his morning face and his fav pillow and bolster
He naps once a day since 19.5 months.
On Sundays, we usually start with breakfast, messy art, shower & school.
Love it!

Asking for the Shapes song again and again,
this happens every time he sees the laminated shape finders...

Outside the classroom:
With his beloved uncles..
Tiger is so in love with these two..

Mom's Favourite:Bullying grandma and grandpa into playing with his magnetic alphabet robots I got him for Christmas

Next week, it's going to be lovey-dovey all the way...hehe...

Don't barf!


Anonymous said...

Been following ur blog for a while. U really put in a lot of effort homeschooling ur boy! Just wanna know where did u buy the boxes for stacking/nesting?


Jessica said...

Hi SK,

Thanks :)

I got the box set from Popular. There are 5 books with 5 nesting boxes in a cute box for RM39.90

I have seen it in MPH as well with 30% dicscount during their sales.

Anonymous said...

Hi again,

Thanks for the info. Will check it out later. BTW, where did u get the dot paints? I know its available on amazon, but if i can get it locally, the better. Thanks


Jessica said...

Hi SK,

I got the dot painters from Think Toys. They have a store in KLCC. The Curve branch closed down recently.

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