Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Letter: Little Dragon is 19 weeks

Dear Little Dragon,

You are 19 weeks now and about 6 inches. How the heck did I gain another 1.5 kilos when you are only 8 oz?

My appetite's already increasing. Can you imagine, on Valentine's day, Mommy went to the mamak with Daddy for supper and I ate a roti telur followed by McD's large fries AND a Fillet-O-Fish?  He he...
(and yes, we celebrated Valentine's at the mamak, so original, kan? ^.^) I do love mamak food anyways.

I felt the quickening at 18 weeks plus and you are already a real kicker now. I love the little squirmy sensations. It is like you are saying, "Hello, I am here, remember?"

I already love you so very much. We will be reading & singing a lot more since you can hear my voice now =)

Can I tell you a secret? The other day, I stuck in a jam and irritated (as usual). Then I saw two young boys in the car ahead of me fighting, like real punching and stuff. They were probably in their late teens. Then at the next light, they were laughing and all's well.

At that point I really didn't mind anymore if you are a boy, as much as I want a girl.


Dear Tiger,

This week you are really THE tantrum master, especially without your pacifier.

You have started smacking me last night. It seems that as my pregnancy progresses, you distance yourself more and more. That really hurts..

I was thinking about the recent changes in our lives and I realised that you were modelling after my behaviour. I have become more hot tempered and started yelling at the maid a lot since I was pregnant. It is going to be a mammoth effort but I have no choice.

I am going to start chanting and meditating...Ummmmm.....

Love you guys so very much,


Note to reader:
You will not understand my predicament unless you have hired a Cambodian maid before. I am not prejudiced but these Cambodian maids are some of the most stubborn and pompous people I have ever met in my life. Nine out of ten employers I know have the same issues.

Don't get me wrong, I grew up with many different Chinese and Indonesian maids all my life and I loved every single one of them. Despite the fact that one of them smacked me all the time and made me do most of the housework. At this point I must make a note myself to never ever hire Cambodians again, even if I get one for free. Seriously.
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