Monday, 29 September 2014

Toy Centered Learning: Knight versus Dragon

Knight = Tiger
Dragon = a toy, not the girl, ya? 
Most of the time it is the boy vs the girl.
But not today.

 This is our simple setup.
I only had two Usborne books about knights. 
I found the poor New Year Dragon in the Chinese New Year Deco Box.
Luckily I found him, otherwise we will have to use my daughter :p

My knight in rm17.90 armor :)
The helmet and shield are made from EVA foam.
They smelled when I took them out but quickly dissipated after I aired them overnight.

It came  in a set with this book from Bookxcess.
 (ISBN: 9781592238088)
You can read more about it here
We needed a sword, so I just cut one from a board and wrap the end with packing tape.
Took me about five minutes.
The kid was amazed...*flips hair*

We also had this IKEA play tent to complement our reading.
Not mine. On loan from my sister.
She buys new stuff and we get to play with them first..haha!

We talked about fighting and killing.
This child is preoccupied with the idea of dying.
If I urge him to do something risky, he will ask,
"Will die or not?"
"If I die, I cannot see you or Grandma. So I don't want to die."
Mind you, risk of dying includes jumping off tables @.@

He was irritated with the helmet after 5 minutes and
proceeded to plan an attack in his 'castle'.
His plan was to attack the enemies with magnetic alphabets,
arranged correctly and very neatly.

Perhaps he should just be a knight for Halloween.
Save me some money from buying a costume :)

Pretend play has a ton of benefits. 
I do it to balance some of the Tiger Mom activities we do, like addition and memory games.
Don't want a crazy, stressed-up kid at the end of the day :)
You can read about the benefits here

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