Friday, 12 September 2014

Baby School: 2 years 2 months old

Dragon girl is finally settling into our homeschool style. Hooray!
Every night, around eight pm, she will ask to go upstairs, just like her brother :)
Mind you, Tiger and I are STILL bending backwards to accommodate her but 
it's been worth our while and many efforts.

When she is around, most of Tiger's requests will be met with a standard answer, 
"Wait. After Mei-mei sleep, then we can do (insert request)"

First on her to do list is always artistic expressions.
Sounds so pro, right?
But honestly it can be very stressful when she decides to redecorate.
After we've gotten this IKEA easel, she has been pretty kind to the walls in general.
Here, she was demonstrating finger printing to Tiger.
He just watched. Too dirty.


She literally brings art to new heights :)

Just to encourage her creativity, one side of the study room is reserved 
for her art materials, playdough and loose parts.
Everything is freely accessible to her except glitter.
I hate playdough but they love it, so I just do deep breathing in a corner 
and chant to myself,
"You can clean later"

I've also moved the trays outside to make more space for movement and dancing.

Sometimes, they'll bring materials into the room and play peacefully together.

At times, she plays alone.

They still fight a lot.
With kicking, punching and scratching actions but what to do?
Like how Winnie and I used to 'play'...haha...but we are best of friends now.
Just fight la.
See her ugly Kim K crying face?

The Froebel gifts are accessible to her at all times at the reading area.

Her favorite is Gift 1.
We left her to play with Tiger's planetarium model for awhile and when
we came back, she'd already taken out the balls from the box.
Or she related the planets to the yarn balls?
I prefer to think that she connected the two :)

A tossing game they created.

They did this to my pretty fairy lights

 A shopping game.
When Tiger was holding 4 yarn balls and Dragon only had 2, I asked him:
"How to make it equal?"
"I need to give Dragon one ball."
And he proceeded to assist her.
Impromptu math :)

Tiger and I revisited the water cycle and Dragon was very interested in this model.
She probably thought it was food or we were making ice cream...hihi...

I love her focused look when Tiger was explaining the process to her.

Feeling the heat (light) vs cold (ice)

I saved the most fantabulous update for last. 
She is in a letter sensitive phase.
In the young ones, pre-reading is just:
1. Holding the book upright.
2. Looking at the pictures intently
3. Telling the story in their own words.
4. Pointing to words from left to right.
5. Pretends to read.
Caught her 'reading' so many times in the past 2 weeks.
Here, she was demanding for her Brillkids session.
The system gels really well with her and she is learning so quickly.

Seeing how much she enjoys herself is pure happiness to me.
I made Tiger her 'teacher' and he was in charged of the computer and repeating the words to her.
Since Dragon loves copying her brother, it was a win-win-win situation for all 3 of us.

Sometimes, I really hit the jackpot and I see this:
 A quiet morning with the kids reading by themselves. 
The Reading Area is my all-time fav spot.

Or like this morning, reading on the swing :)

Have a wonderful weekend, folks!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Just an enquiry abt the Little reader. As i understand, the program for each dag includes picture flashing, multisensory flashing, sight words, phonics spelling etc. Do u let your kids view all categories?

Jessica Tan said...


Yes, they watch through the entire thing but we only do a session a day. She likes the multisensory ones best. The phonics and sight words Tiger and I will hop and read out the words to her.

Anonymous said...

I see. Thanks!

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