Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Tot Trays: A Little More Structure

Frankly speaking, I am a little bored with the un-schooling method.
You know, when Tiger gets to choose what he likes. Puzzles, etc
After 4 months of doing that, we were not getting anywhere.
He was getting a little more playroom than study room.
Not challenging enough, I guess.
So boring.
So not for us.

So, we are adjusting our 'curriculum'
 A little more focus on language, music and math.
A little less on motor work.
Still the same amount of creativity and fun, I hope.

I am still searching for the perfect box to present these.
For now, they are on a tray.
  1. Game/activity: A spot the difference book. Instructions to be given in Chinese *gulp*
  2. Reader pen: First 600 words
  3. Odonata Book One (Again, I know. So inconsistent). The little black box is for him to keep the words that he can read ala Bao Bei Reading Wonderland.
  4. Story Book: This is a pop up book from his fav series.

Doman cards: If you have been following Tiger's progress, you will know he dislikes the red dots. I am just trying again because he is starting to count instead of subitizing.  *Gasp!*

He loves this mooncake box from Lavender (purple!)
In it, some flashcards:
  1. Dots (1-10)
  2. Spanish (1-10)
  3. Numbered cartoon mini pegs

English/Vocabulary/Sight Words
In addition to storybooks, we started this sometime ago.
Ladybird Book 1A with flashcards
He didn't really enjoy plain reading, so we added actions for each illustration/page.
Great fun for him to watch mama go crazy with exaggerated actions...hehe.
Words that he has mastered gets to be in the box :)

Of course, I have to indulge him with some ABCs.
He re-stickered the box and I gave him some wooden alphabets to match

We are starting with Middle C again

A little Christmas inspiration....
Fine Motor: Tweezing ribbons
I marked the muffin tin tray with bits of corresponding ribbon for a little more challenge.

Sorting colours:
Some IKEA cups, cheap ice cream spoons, and the drink holder from Chatime
LOVE the pop of colours

A Christmas sock stuffed with bells and drums.
Tiger is supposed to feel the object and tell me which it is. The ribbon is just to poke fun at him.

Flashcard center:
Since he is so keen on cards now (which explains the earlier trays), I removed his art material and created this in its place.

HIs art stuff was 'boxed' and placed nearby. **After I switch some old things around, suddenly he develops the passion for colouring, markers, dot painting and worksheets....pfftt.
Note to future Tiger: See the time on the clock. That would be 12.30 AM. The things I do for you.....

Now, if only I can toilet train him on a tray..hmmm...that's a thought....

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MK Moon said...

you really a 24 hrs good mummy!

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