Thursday, 27 December 2012

Tot School: Pre-Christmas Week

We did some crafty stuff because I pinned some ideas
and I didn't want to be a pin-but-no-do person.

I printed a Santa from Google image and he went to work
with glue, Styrofoam peanuts and cotton.

 A simple wreath with Styrofoam peanuts.
Since he was so in love with gluing, I ditched the initial plan of glitter and shapes.

Or it could be a mask...

One of his favourite activity involves chalk and blackboard:
"Mama write"

Demonstrating H is for Happy

Still in the alphabet-craze phase.
All it took was a RM 1 alphabet sticker to get him to sit still for 20 minutes.

He seemed interested in time and clock, so I introduced the concept of time to him.  
We used a Hickory Dickory Dock puzzle + book from the Big Bad Wolf Sale
and a cheap clock model that he can manipulate easily.

 He was seen playing with this for the rest of the week.

Currently, his other obsessions include:

Video-taking himself on my new phone (Yay!) and laughing at himself.

Bullying Lil Dragon

Screaming for no reason


Mommy Chuck said...

Looks like Little Tiger is having fun with the mask! Can i ask - where do you usually get the craft or project materials? We don't seem to have that many in Singapore popular bookstores...

Jessica Tan said...

Hi girl,

I usually buy mine from ELC, craft shops and Daiso. POPULAR bookstores in Malaysia are carrying more crafty stuff too like pom-poms, stickers, DIY materials. Mostly for older children but Tiger loves painting and I really spend quite a bit on purchasing materials like finger paint, brushes,etc for him. His fav is actually doodling and painting in the shower. I like it too since it meant that he is cleaning up ;)

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