Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Little Tiger: 30 Months

I came across this picture of my darling at 1 year plus taken
during D is for dinosaur week.
I miss his spiky hair and chubbiness.

In the blink of an eye, he is 30 months! Geez...
Before long, I will be shouting, "You are grounded, mister. No buts"

This is his interpretation of modelling
His trademark squinty eyes

He is a master narrator of his actions;
gives a running commentary of whatever he is doing
using 'and', 'then', 'somemore', 'because'

Calls himself "Mama daning (darling)"

Not only does he possess selective hearing,
sassy mouth can back talk now, at 2.5 yrs!
Good luck to me

Tiger has the habit of dragging a basket whenever we are shopping,
Mama: Can I hold the basket please?
Tiger: No, I can do
Mama: Can you stop putting EVERYTHING into the basket?
I've got no money
Tiger: I got money in ickey mau (mickey mouse case, ie: his wallet)

If I speak to him in Mandarin or Hokkien, he will reply in English.

He is torn between love and jealousy for his little sis.
Developmentally, he is regressing to babyhood.... throwing tantrums, carry me, etc
Everything that is Dragon's is his.
He squeezes himself into seats and strollers
Occasionally, he pokes, hit, and smack the baby.

Currently he still has 2 friends only: the guard and Lil J
Has a strict criteria for those considered friends.
He doesn't just like anyone, you know.

He can read words that are common in ABCs like
apple, ball, cat, dog, elephant, fish, gorilla, hat,
igloo, jug, kangaroo, lion, monkey, nose, octopus, panda,
question, rabbit, snake, turtle, van, watermelon, fox, yak,zebra.
You get the idea?

He is starting to warm up to math dots.
Loves counting with his abacus.
We are introducing skip counting by 2

Addicted to worksheets/markers

Focus and attention span is still good.

Right brain work:
Photographic memory: 5 objects
Grid memory: 5 objects
Mandala: 3 colours
Flash memory/spot the difference: good
linking memory: terrible

Odonata:  Collected 4 cards only

He requested to brachiate in the playground
but mama's too short to support him :p

Pretend play
Loves 'cooking'
I made him a menu for more fun
He also has a shopping trolley.
I believe toys are gender neutral...

Tiger: Mama, order? (hands me menu)
Mama: Hmmm, let's see. I will have the fried kai lan and some kiwi juice.
Tiger: Okay!
Halfway to his kitchen, he will always turn around and ask:
 Order okay ah?
Mama: Yes.
I think he is worried that I am a non-paying customer
Tiger: Nah. Vege and juice. (Hands me empty plate and glass, always)
Mama: What juice is this?
Tiger: Ermmm, orange?
Tsk, tsk, tsk.....the level of service nowadays

Toilet training: Sigh....enough said!


MieVee @ MummysHomeschool.com said...

Haha... Vee loves pretend cooking too. The best chefs in the world are males!

Grace said...

Menu? Interesting? Can I take a look?

melissa said...

Tiger's response to Dragon sounds much like Annabelle's to Elliot. I'm glad we're not alone! That chubby little, tiny Tiger is adorable. How quickly they change!

Jessica_littletiger said...

Yes, Mievie. That's exactly what I say to my friends who find it weird that Tiger loves pretend cooking.

Jessica_littletiger said...


I tried google for a ready made one but they all did not have 'local flavour'. So, I ended up using google image and made one with all his fav food like: rice, bah kut teh, stir fry kai lan, porridge, soup. I will post his menu later :)

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