Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Celebration: Christmas Tree

On Monday night,
Tiger and I excitedly dug out the RM 12.90 Christmas tree from the storage.
When I removed it from the bag and held it upright, the tree 'patah'!!!
Exactly mid-tree, the trunk had snapped into two.
I just stared at Tiger, speechless.

Finally, he said, "Mama, tree fall down, die ah?"

Not to be beaten by a broken tree, I duct taped the menacing thing.
Here it is, a little crooked, shorter but more character, I think :)
Ok-lar I am too cheap to buy another one..haha. I love you, tree!

I requested, "Smile for the camera please?"
Tiger said, "NO!"
"Hmm, smile for the tree?"

There you go!

A kiss for the Star..muaks...
which nearly broke the tree again.
Hmm, think I should make a FRAGILE card?

Ho! Ho! Ho!

*Christmas tree and ornaments from Fun & Cheer

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