Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Parenting: A Reflection

Mondays are always crazy for me.

Is it me or the rest of the human population find it
 most difficult to get out of bed on Monday mornings?

Work was as always, busiest on Mondays.

Then, hubby's accountant called, "Hey, your document is not complete ah. I email the list"
"Audit due end of the month ah. Urgent okay?"
Nod head.
"okay "
The dreaded list. Happens every year.
Time to hunt for missing pieces of invoice, receipts,etc

Called banner people to tweak design. "Must be up by this weekend, okay?"
Banner man: "Okay email asap"
So, I asap-ed.
Tweaked banner says Chrismas promotion
Asap-ed the guy again: Errr, you mis-spelt CHRISTMAS!!! 
NO reply
Sigh again....

When you really need the phone,she (yes, a she) rebels
by catching some crazy virus OR the touch screen is having a bitchy fit.
*No energy to sigh*
I could hear the KWSP and SOCSO forms mocking me.

All this while MSN-ing with Lil J's mommy about Christmas party
Pinterest-ing Christmas craft for Tiger.

When I die, I demand for 'Multitasker' on my stone.
At the very least, I think I deserve a raise from hubby, no?
He is paying me peanuts, like peanuts, I tell you...pffftt

Then, while driving home, I started planning:
Do I cancel class today?
Guess what I did?
I took Tiger to the park
After that, we painted and showered together.
Later, we had our class as usual with Lil J joining us.

I came to realise that I always feel better after a class with Tiger.
Which is also the reason why we are still going strong after almost 2 years.
The fact that Tiger is enjoying the learning process and our special time together
is chicken soup to my soul :)

Yes, it is nice to have enough money
Nothing, I mean NOTHING is more important than my children.

So, that meant more work for mama till late but that's okay.

Writing this blog is another creative outlet for me, so this is not considered work.
If you are still reading this by now, I sincerely THANK YOU!


LAVENDER said...

Hi Jessica

Pls write more. U motivated me. I should follow you earlier )). Love to see the Tiger n Dragon

Melissa said...

I find the blog inspirational, too. Way to go, mama.

valeriechuan said...

wahh so touching....full of inspiration... hehe :) gambate! =)

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