Sunday, 2 December 2012

Tot School: 29.5 Months

Tiger did not get new trays for the week.
Instead, we just extended his tot tray activities to keep them fresh.

Okay lar, mostly because I was lazy and wanted to spend more time with Fifty Shades.
FYI, I am on book II already. *Cheeky grin*

 *Clear throat* 
Back to Tot Schooling stuff....

We added his 'taking pen'/flags to his Geography lesson.
Some figurines from Happyland.

He requested for this Grid Memory game from Popular Bookstore.
Yay, money not wasted :)

Another extension.
We added some three-piece puzzles to his vocabulary/animals set

Some time last week, Little J joined Tiger's class
Tiger went bonkers because he simply loves having J around.
There is a little bro-mance going on cause Lil J ask for Tiger too
So cute!
It is really funny to watch the two of them since there is a language barrier.
Little J is primarily a mandarin speaker and Tiger is practically a banana.
Last week, I caught the two singing Oppa Gangnam together...LOL!
Who needs words when you have Oppa?

Fridays are Messy Arty Days since I usually return home late.
By the way, late would be eight-ish.
Yeah, once upon a time, 'late' was 3-5 AM. *wistful look*
Just kidding, wouldn't trade motherhood with noisy strangers,
 intoxication, secondhand smoke, hangover, etc.

Here he was feeling very artsy, hence the expert brush pose with palette in hand.
I was going to give him the plain art paper but he kept gushing over the cover.
"Wah, so nice".."Mama, nice"
So, I just said, "Nah, use the cover lah"
Environmental friendly, yes we are.

Most of the time, he did puzzles simply because he wanted to.
Like this one which is a copy-copy from M&D.
I LOVE this pic because he was bending his back so much, he looked pudgy,
Haha, like a 9 month old Tiger.

Human body puzzle.
Definitely not a hit. Infact, his exact words were:
"Mama, no nice. Keep."

I switched his art material from his art center with flashcards.
While I was doing that, he was doing this.
"Tiger help mama clean, nice hor?"
I just smiled at him but inside I was going, "Yes, my nice."
We are going easy on the compliments.

 Being the oppurtunistic mom that I am, we did these as well.
We traced A to Z, every single card.
These cards are available in MPH & Popular.
A nice alternative to sandpaper letters
Or you can use glue and sand to make them more tactile.

See the bulging diapers?
Reading, tracing, sounding phonics like a pro but still in diapers
Tsk, tsk, tsk, shameless.

He is seriously a phonics nuts.

He went to bed with these and then complain that the letters were coming out.
They were homemade, DIY!
That meant they were cheap, hehe!

This week, Christmas?
Oooh, rub hands with joy

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