Sunday, 16 December 2012

Shopping: Big Bad Wolf Sale

Last Saturday night, a very book-obsessed mama dragged
a not-very-enthusiastic papa
to the Big Bad Wolf Book Fair at 11PM.

So bad, kan??
To be fair, I drove while he slept.

I wanted to take photos of the fair for you guys but ME at 12 MN,
not very attractive....
I was so super 'semangat' that I forgot my book trolley.  "__"
Felt like kicking myself when I got there.

"Papa: Eh, everyone look so nerd nerd here.
Me: You married one
Papa: Hmmm,,,
Me: All the non-nerds are clubbing laaa..."

The OLD me would have bought a truckload BUT
the NEW me have more self control..ahem..

Tiger's loot

Mama's books:
A National Geographic Album: Live, Laugh Celebrate.
(RM 15 only) For discussions with Tiger.
Perceptive Play by a local writer for more ideas to play with Tiger.
See the trend?
Nothing for me, except
Mandela's Way

All these plus a T-shirt (with a cape!) for less than RM200
Hmmm, that makes me feel like going again...
Last day would be 23rd December.
Do check out their website for more info and books available

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