Friday, 14 December 2012

Little Dragon: 5 Months

You will notice that she is wearing the same shirt because it has been proven that
you take way lesser pictures with Baby No. 2.
So, I was like, "Oh, 5 months, take photo, quick"

It's a been there done that thing
You no longer go, "Oooh, Day 53 of life, take a pic"

Ask my mom, there are barely 10 pictures of her No. 5...the poor thing.
I had a truckload since I was fat Baby No. 1.

Here's my little princess at 5 months.

I think so.....

*Please ignore the background in the last pic and focus on the smile*

I try not to compare my children but it is pretty inevitable even in a good way.

At 5 months, Tiger was already sprouting teeth number 3 & 4, weaned and crawling.

Lil Dragon is still all gums, lucky me...

Gross Motor
She is ermm, rotating and trying to crawl, hence she does a lot of butt lifts.
Very amusing, I assure you.

She is much easier to handle and people-friendly compared to Tiger.
Considering the fact that her sleep/naps are always interrupted by Tiger,

Such a happy, joyful child.

Still feeds at 3 AM

Have a great weekend you guys!


San said...

Jessica, Long time since i commented, but I came here and just had to comment. She is sooooo adorable.

Jessica Tan said...

Hi, San!

Thank you. You have good taste.....Haha. Really, thanks!

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