Monday, 4 February 2013

Operation Pacifier Weaning

Here's our story: At birth, we used this pacifier from the AVENT starter set.

He was not into the pacifier at all. Only when he was falling asleep, then he would spit it out.
I thought, wow, lucky me...little did I know....

After 6 months, I bought these cool AVENT Glow-in-The-Dark ones. So that Grandma can find them easily in the middle of the night, just in case :)

That was the biggest mistake, ever. He thought that they were cool too. So much so that he became addicted to them. Argggghhh......

Then, at 2 years old, still addicted, he developed the gnawing and biting habit. After he destroyed both of them, I bought him not so cool ones, hoping that he will, you know, fall out of love. He destroyed Mr Brown Cat in one day. 

So, I warned him "Mr Lamb is your LAST (I really emphasized LAST). If you bite through this one, I am not going to buy anymore"

He got the message LOUD & CLEAR and was very careful with it. Unfortunately, after 6 months of repeated sterilization and biting, the plastic part cracked a little. The nipple remained intact. So, he continued using it until the fateful date, 02-02-2013. He dropped and broke a part of poor Mr Lamb.

Mama: GASP! OH, Oh, Oh no.....

Tiger: Break oh...(horror written all over his face)

Mama: He he 
(I was horrified too but I laughed too..terrible, I know)

Tiger: His eyes started to swell, tears brimming....

Mama: (opportunistic ME sprang into action)
Nevermind lar, Lil J also never use already...say bye bye to "cuit-cuit"
You are a big boy already.

Tiger: Can use

Mama: Cannot

Tiger: Okay

Mama: Huh? So easy? Cannot be?

We walked to the dustbin in the kitchen together.

He held his pacifier in his hands while I held the dustbin cover for him.

Mama: Okay, throw. You can do it.

Tiger stared at his Mr Lamb for what felt like an hour and then he handed it to me,
" Mama, you throw"

OMG, drama king.....haha.....he couldn't do it.

 "You can"

He stared at Mr Lamb again, as if saying Good Bye.
Then, he looked at me and say, "I no can. Mama throw"

"We throw together?"

Nods head.

When he finally let go, there was so much of sadness in his eyes...
I almost wanted to run to the baby store to get him another one.

He asked for it at night and could not go to sleep..poor thing

Grandma finally cracked after a measly ONE day.
Pffftttt, weak.
I would probably crack too if I was to listen to him whine all day long.
Next time, bring me the wasabi!!!!

So, now he is using the white one with FLOWERS detail (top left)
On loan from Lil Dragon (who hates it)
Yeah, I gave him a hard time for the flowers.

So now, in public, he covers it with his pillow/hanky/bolster.

Aaahhh, my lil man....

Ashamed but addicted.

Years later, his therapist will blame me for giving him a flowery pacifier.

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