Friday, 15 February 2013

Little Dragon: 7 Months Old

Sweetheart is 7 months old.

Did I mention she is such a joy? 

Yeah, only about a million times...I know, I know...

I soooooo have obnoxious-mom-with-cute-kid-syndrome

She is so calm and relaxed, I think she must have been a zen master in her past life.

Unlike Tiger who was a high maintenance baby, Dragon is so easy going.

Maybe it is the boob thing but hey, no complaints here.


Physically, she is even more advanced than Tiger.

Which, btw, took me by surprise.

At 6 months, she was already cross crawling and sitting up by herself.

Just before turning 7 months, she can pull her up to standing position.

Her latest obsessions?

Attempting to climb my bed
Trying to use Tiger's Thomas ride as a walker
Trying to walk by holding on to couch

Crazy girl!!!!
She scares me, a little, really....
In Malay, we call her samseng (aka gangster)


I strongly believe in signing and Tiger has been given this very important duty.

So far, he has taught Dragon milk and more

Unlike Tiger, no food required for bribery.


She has a loud voice but she prefers smiling to screaming ^__^


Dragon is friendly but wary of strangers 

She may smile but dislike being passed around like a parcel.

When approached, she will lean her head on my chest or shoulder with a shy look.

Melts my heart each time.

Loves her brother to bits. Unfortunately the feeling is still not mutual.




She is such a playful baby with super itchy hands.

I am so happy that I finally have a child who LOVES toys.

Unlike the toy-snob I call my son.


Remember my bragging on Facebook that she slept through the night?

Well, that was the only time.

Yeah, go ahead...laugh laaarrr......

Her ritual.


5 minutes later....

Grope for mama
(If I so dare snuggle with hubs on the 'real' bed.....)

Fake cry (soft)
(Pretend not to hear and pray she will learn to soothe herself)

Louder cry
(Still pretending to not hear her)

Sit up for maximum attention
(mama in alert mode)

Flail arms wildly and scream
(mom scurries back to floor mattress)

Feed again
Sleep with evil grin.

I swear this is almost a ritual now
(except the evil grin part which is my imagination, I think)

When I imagine us 10 years later, I always end up snuggling her harder.
Come teenagers will be seen dead or alive with their crazy, over-bearing mom.

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