Thursday, 24 January 2013

Parenting: Being A Working Mom Sucks

Not all the time... just sucks majorly when you get 'reports' about 
your precious child's major milestones from the maid.

When I got home after work, my maid announced, 
"Mom, mei-mei can crawl already. She crawl to Tiger's mattress and then 
Tiger shout, No, no touch my things"

Arrghh, missed the premier.

I gave a fake smile and asked, "Hands and knees or use stomach?"

Maid: ????? blank look

Crazy mom aka me/blogger:
" Like this?" 
<Crawled on all four>

Maid: "No mom. On stomach. Mei-mei can sit up also"

Oh, great.  Two major milestones.


I placed Lil Dragon on her tummy and waved a million toys in front of her, 
trying to make her do a demo of her commando crawl.

" Come larrrr, be good"

Obviously, she was too smart to be a circus act and played it cool.
There will only be one clown in the family.
Guess who?

She did crawl after that, 2 days later....


Last night, she was blowing raspberries, loud ones...
I shall pretend that those were the first ones...

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