Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Little Dragon: 6 Months Old

Oh my little girl....
6 months!
That's half a year of sleep deprivation;
which is a cause of insanity, you know...
What can I say about this little sweet princess?
Forgive me for gushing so much BUT she is just good enough to eat!
Even Tiger wants to catch her cuteness with his toy camera
Don't be fooled! These two are not the best buddies at the moment.
Tiger thinks she is a book destroyer. (She accidentally tore his cook book)
Hence, she is only allowed to play with the toys laid out on the playmat..
To Tiger, she is also stealing his thunder and mommy-time.
She looks like this most of the time:
Gnawing, gnawing....bubbles.....(repeat cycle)

She sits rather well for long stretches of time and interacts well with
her toys.
She especially love the Leapfrog Spin A Letter
Otherwise is is busy chewing her teethers

She is also practising her crawling stance all the time
Sometimes, she cries out in frustration when she lands, face first.
 Still in the early stages, she commando-crawls backwards occasional
But it looks like she is going to be on all four soon.
The only similarity between Tiger and Dragon is their lack of hair..
Ha ha...
Oh, and their super unfriendly nature (stranger anxiety)
Good thing too, our country being so unsafe at the moment.
After weeks of torture and trying, she is finally accepting formula milk.
Why not breast milk only?
I would like to have my boobs back, thank you..
No lar, due to the nature of my work and business, sometimes it is
just too stressful to keep up with her demand.
I do not need a badge to say that I am fully breastfeeding.
Six months is good enough for me.
I will continue to pump at work and breastfeed her at night
but I relish the peace of mind that it gives me,
knowing that the formula is there when I am inadequate.
I tried weaning her last weekend
She HATED it...
Guess what I did?
When no one was looking, I squeezed a little breastmilk into her mashed porridge.
Grandma would have been disgusted....
Ermmm, nope, she still did not like it
Oh, want to know a little secret?
I really enjoy co-sleeping with her...
So much so, I have difficulty sleeping without her delicious smell.
Best relaxation therapy in the world.
Another secret?
She fell from the bed, again.
First time was with the maid.
This time, it was me...
She was crawling backwards, like really fast,
and slipped off the edge of the bed, leg first..
She ended up standing on the ledge of the divan bed for 2 seconds.
During that eternal 2 seconds, while I was running towards her,
she flashed me a toothless grin (See, mama/boobies, I am so clever!)
Then, she fell face first onto the cushioned ledge and
rolled onto the mattress on the floor
She cried a little when I was picking her up,
A couple of shush shush, I'm sorry
 & muaks muaks and she is all smiles again.
I have been blessed with an angel.
For that, I am grateful, forever.
How can I not fall in love with her everyday?
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