Thursday, 10 January 2013

Tot School: January 2013

We did these from late December to early January 2013.

Play dough Christmas Tree
Prepared a bottle of store bought dough with glitter (tree)
and some bento pick sticks (ornaments)
I helped him shape a tree and he poked away!
The dough was a little too sticky for his liking.
Play dough: Soft stuff from ELC
Jewel bento sticks: Daiso
Tray: Daiso

Christmas Sensory Bin
We kept this for a while because he really liked it.
So much so, he carried it around the house asking everyone to 'scoop' with him.
I made him wear the hat (Thanks, yi yi for leaving it behind...hehe)
He used the christmas tree as a chicka chicka tree and then added alphabets to the bin.
We also read some christmas books I bought from Big Bad Wolf :)

Played some guessing games

He is starting to enjoy this.
Occasionally, he calls the hexagon octagon.
Tangram set from Taiwan
Printables from Confessions of a Homeschooler
These from Preschool Alphabet blog are more complex

Geography and vocabulary
He LOVES this puzzle. It has some holes to place animals from that continent.
(Again, thanks to yi yi, Ashleyprettimommy)
I paired it with a picture atlas.
As he identifies the continents, I just read some facts to him.
Surprisingly, he enjoyed it.
When I put it down, he will tell me, "No, mama read some more"
Puzzle: From Guangzhou
Atlas: From Popular.
Saw the same book in Bookxcess for
a fraction of the price I paid

As the puzzle takes shape,
he pointed to the world map on the wall and shouted,
"Mama, same oh, see?"

"Yes, same. Both are maps". I smile

He gave me a serious look and explained patiently,
"No, mama. This is Earth. Okay?"


Self-chosen, pre-writing activty
This was around since Christmas week.
He just randomly picked this one from the shelf.
Placed it on the table and went to work quietly.

Two weeks later,
Puzzle from USL Education
Bought during sale.
40% off, I think

I made him 3 pairs of smelling bottles using aromatherapy oil.
Then I used the idea from Counting Coconuts to label the bottom with stickers
for self-checking.
Bottles: From sundry shop. Rm 1 each

Another one of his ga-ga activities.
I think he killed a small tree with the papers he went through.
Then I got the brilliant idea of making him trace repeatedly with different colours.
Oh yea, things like this makes me feel clever nowadays...bwahaha...
See, how serious nerd boy is?

Until this fellow came home and disturb us...
The clowns video-ing themselves

Whenever I try to clean:


Errrrr, not really...........

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