Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Parenting: Confessions

This is really a guilt-ridden post disguised as a parenting one.

 Confession #1:

Firstly, let me remind you that Tiger is a cheeky fellow.
He has a habit of making fun of himself.
Most of the time he is hilarious, sometimes, not so funny.

For example, when we are supposed to be focused for our right brain practise.
He will suddenly find the world map verrry interesting.
Or he will used the icons as paper dolls and walk them around.

With a forced loving tone, "Come fast faaaast"

 Bored look...then...hyena-like laugh

I have been sleep-deprived this week than that meant a shorter fuse. As a result,


I slammed my hand on the table and startled poor Tiger.
He immediately burst into tears and ran over for a hug, like I was in distress...

Feeling defeated and tired, I asked slowly, 
"Your choice, study or you want to go downstairs?"

He sobbed, "Sorry mama. I want study"


He actually completed his photomemory questions (5 items)
and mandala with perfection.

I feel really bad for expecting so much out of my 2 year old but at the same time
I know he is capable of so much more.

I really need to get a grip.

Here's Tiger, caught mid-hyena-laugh by papa.

 <<<  >>>

One afternoon, hubs called, "Hey, baby...bla bla bla"

"Do you know that whenever you say Hey Baby...
It usually means that you are going to drink with your friends." I complained

Hubby, pretending to be innocent, asked,  "Got meh?"

"Whatever lar...You are calling to inform me only.  Doesn't matter"

Ignoring the sarcasm in my voice, "Bye!"

Here's the thing.
Remember the overpriced, tiny slide/jungle-gym that hubs bought after a drinking session?
Here's a reminder

Guess what?
He did the same thing...haha...cheapskate...I wanted diamonds...cheh..

Grandma said, "Oh...scared that your wife will scold, buy toys to compensate?"

Hubby pretended to be deaf.
Tiger pretended it was Christmas, again

In the box....a stand up microphone.
He sang two songs on repeat, like a broken player.
Hey sexy bey-beh, op op op, Oppa Gang-Man Style (his words, not mine)
repeat 100x
Chicka chicka Boom Boom
repeat 100x

After hubs complained that he only knew 2 songs, he started showing off,
singing Do-Re-Mi, Twinkle twinkle little star, ABC, phonic songs....

Kiasu betul....

Luckily hubby remembered that he has a daughter too...

Confession #2

I should pretend to be irritated more and let hubby buy the toys.
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