Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Little Tiger: 2 years 7 months

Hmmm, what can I say about Tiger?
In terms of big brother duties, he kinda sucked.
Sad but true
He refuses to share his books or toys with Lil Dragon
(after one teeny incident)
There is a clear distinction between 'his' and 'hers' toys
(whatever's 'hers' IS his as well)
He tells Dragon to go away or "Mama cannot carry mei-mei"
He would tell anyone listening that "No, I no love mei-mei"
Restoring peace in the house is now a tactical mission.
I have employed cunning words and fake decoys:
For example instead of telling him to share his toys,
I will tell him that mei-mei is sharing with him.
Believe or not,
a simple change in approach can work wonders!
With Lil Dragon's presence, coaxing him to use the potty or give up his pacifier
is a suicide mission.
The potty is stressing him out.
One day, out of curiosity, I asked him,
"What is wrong with using the potty?"
He replied, "I no like."
 " Mama, I scared" he said sadly
And that was it.
 I gave him a hug and told him
"Look, no more potty, alright?
I love you so much.
When you are ready, we will try the potty again"
It may sound strange but I think there was a change in his mood
I think he is a little freaked out by the fact that his excrement may dirty the floor;
being the OCD that he is.
Discipline and limits
Yes, it has started...
He has had one public meltdown in 2.5 years.
That was when I refused to buy him the cartoon version of the
alphabet train puzzle from Mothercare.
Mind you, I do expect my 2 year old to have boundless energy
and running all over the place.
That is his job as a kid and
it is my duty to keep an eye on him.
They will fall and therefore, they will learn.
We all have our limits. The rules are:
1. Stay where I can see you (when we are out)
2. Escalators are dangerous
3. Stop and look before crossing roads
4. Do not hit your sister
He is in his word sensitive phase.
So, we are encouraging reading and word formation

He loves these flower alphabets from ELC

We are also going through Disney's Word, Word, Words from Grolier.
The newer version of Brillkids is a hit as well.

Learning Chinese with me is a no-no
He likes Little Reader Chinese
I may have to send him for Chinese classes at Bao Bei earlier than planned.
Tentatively, we are starting in March.

Right Brain Practise

Photographic memory: 5 items

Grid memory:
1. I am starting to use trick card. Only 3 out of 4 items are actually flashed.
2. I place certain items upside down or to the side.

Linking memory: major improvement

Mandala: consistently corrrect with 3 colours.


He is counting up till a hundred but still require some corrections.
He love this Montessori number chips I used (will share later)
Keeps him super focused as it is hands on.


I can listen to him all day long.

Here's his account on his walk at the park

"Nai-nai. Tiger go park with mama and papa.
I sit motorbike (his Ybike) and see tortoise.
Tiger give bread.
Throw inside pond.
And then I push, push, push (his bike) then fall down.
Now my leg paining."

Points to scrapped knee, fake sob...

"The floor so naughty, nai nai go beat the floor"


The patience and love required to handle a 2 year old.
Mothers are almost saints, I tell you...
Full time mothers probably are....
Salute you guys!

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MK Moon said...

yo.....same same here, my son also refused to share his's belonging to the little sis..:(
you give me a great idea...i should ask mei mei to share with him either!....let's see's it goes :p

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