Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Life: Hello?? Monogamy??

I posted this very long status onto my personal facebook page yesterday after I found out about a friend's infidelity. I was obviously pissed:

"Dear married men, what does being married mean to you? Someone to wash your underwear and iron your clothes? Wait, that is the maid. Someone to take care of you when you are sick? Or you got hitched bcoz you needed a person to impregnate because you obv don't have the super power to carry a child selflessly for 9 months? How about this...the thoughts of an ideal man: When I decided to marry the love of my life, I will CHERISH, LOVE, and PROTECT. I will APPRECIATE the woman who sacrificed her future, body and dreams so that I can have mine. I will RESPECT my wife and never take her for granted. I will stay COMMITTED because I believe our marriage is work in progress and it will only become better and stronger with time. Since the Mayans did not end the world in 2012, I will not destroy hers by not keeping my dick inside my pants. If you have the need to f*** around, please, be a man and at least have the decency to do it discreetly. It is nothing to be proud of, you immature scum..Pfftt"
Since I did this without mentioning or tagging anyone, the first people to read this were quite alarmed, thinking that the scumbag was my dear hubs. First to call was of course, my kay poh chee sister:

Sis: What the hell did your husband do?
Me: Huh? No la....not hubs...a friend of the family. If its hubs, he no need to count down to 2013 already. I tapau him.
Sis: Aiyo..scared le. Everyone is going to think it is your husband.
Me: He he...ya...Help me comment quickly it is not him. I am out for lunch.
Sis: Okay Okay

Five minutes later:

Sis: Can I copy and paste this onto my fb page so that people think it is my husband too?
Me: @.@ Don't be crazy la....

What is it with men and their inability to control their peeing/reproductive organ? Is it an innate need to spread their sperm around?

I can bet you a gazillion dollars that you know a man with a mistress, second wife or a girlfriend.
Well, if you are from middle-upper class of a typical Malaysian Chinese community like I am, you will. Typical conversation after meal:

"Oh, Dato so-and-so have three wives you know. His company made so much money this year...change car, change house." (Apparently wife also can change)

Btw, nobody will be shocked by the 3 wives fact. It is the norm.

People of the Chinese community, I cannot accept this trend. Is it a sign of wealth and power? Does it make you feel great to hurt the woman you promised to love for a life time? You are not a Muslim. You cannot marry 4 wives ranging from 17 to 50 years old and ask them to stand in a row to be pictured in the national newspaper while you grin like a jackass on crack. (Can I virtual spit here? Sigh, too ladylike, me, can't do it) I am not a racist but I thank the laughing Buddha everyday that I am not Muslim. *People who have read the Holy Book of Quran will know why is polygamy legal in Islam. I will not discuss it further here*

I can share my food, my drink, my money but I will not share a husband. *stamp feet*

Like hubby said, my family is too perfect. Daddy being monogamous and all. Of else could I turn out to be such a wonderful child and produce such cuties? Yes, I think hubby is very lucky....unless he cheats on me..

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