Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Science: Mixing Colours

 Since the Halloween potion lab was painfully ignored by a brat named Tiger,
I created this for him instead.
Less imaginary and more hands-on.

I used the free gifts from Enfagrow as a guide.
Got free stuff means we must use, right?

Of all the activities offered, he chose mixing colours...again
We have done this activity so many, many times.
In the bathroom, outdoors, etc
Most of the time he just mixes every colour to create the 'lovely' preschool poop mix.
By adding the test tubes, he 'pretended' that they were glass and he was very,very careful.

So, should preschool children follow instructions?
You know, with the US parents gasping over introducing school earlier and earlier.
It really depends.
I know many adults still don't or cannot follow rules.
Even then, it isn't always a bad thing. Think, Steve Jobs.

Personally, I always believe in moderation.
You should allow the child to go crazy with the paint at most time to promote creativity.
But at the same time, there must be limits.
Don't throw paint at the walls. Don't eat the paint.
Sometimes, activities such as a prepared 'pretend play'
like this still foster imagination but at the same time sets some regulation.

He was thrilled with the set up.
(relieved mama)

The chart consist of mostly primary colours --> secondary ones
Stirring the mixtures

Checking the chart

Making gray which is something new for him
Anything to do with water/colours is always a hit.
I just sit aside and observe.

 My busy scientist.
He looks more and more like me everyday.
He certainly talks like me :)

The sweet princess who is a natural scientist and explorer.
I suspect she may thrive with a Waldorf environment and frankly,
that scares the crap out of me.

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