Thursday, 7 November 2013

Chinese: Bao Bei Reading Wonderland Update

Tiger is currently 3 years 4 months

We started Baobei when he was exactly 3
I call it his birthday present.
(You'll thank me later, kid)

For those of you who are not familiar with Baobei Reading Wonderland.
It is a reading center for children 3-6 years old.
They specialize in teaching Chinese via singing, movements, poems, etc.
They use rapid flashing method (1 second per card) to flash the words.
Which makes sense because Chinese words are pictorial. 
(The method is very Shichida-ish)
At RM400 a month, comparatively cheap la.

Tiger was a Chinese snob before we started Baobei.
Yet, he has completed Set A (about 100 words) in 4 months.
When he flashes the cards to Grandma or I, he uses perfect enunciation.
(copy the teacher la)
But, when he speaks in Chinese, he has a weird 'banana/english' slang.
Cracks me up, all the time.

So, here's to celebrating a milestone in being Chinese.

Tiger loves his Baobei flashcards and he 'test' Grandma at least 5 times a day. (Pity her)
We are using Odonata and Er San Kuai Du sparingly at home

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