Friday, 29 November 2013

Lil Dragon: 1 year 4 months

Here is the little sweetheart.
Little girls are essentially made of candies and everything nice.
Like the Powerpuff girls :)
Her dad and I are helpless when it comes to disciplining this one.
Even when she blows raspberries at Tiger, we both find it so cute,
much to Tiger's dismay.

The most important milestone that has taken place?
She has self-weaned.
My boobs are no longer needed.
It is sad and liberating at the same time.
Now, when I offer her "nenen" she just shakes her head.
I am still sad :(
But Hubby is obviously delighted =.="

 I was packing her old clothes for a friend the other day and they are so teeny
compared to her current one!

Sigh, they all grow up so fast, don't they?
Next thing you know, I will be practising my getridofboyfriends skills.

Those who passes Level One must then go through my
"50 rules for dating my daughter" rule book.
Pity her future boyfriends.


School wise,
I do not get to dictate anything with this one.
She loves the ELC easy painters and orange Crayolas.
First thing she will do is 'conteng' the floor.
Then, she will sign open for the ELC painters.
If I refuse, she will do that 'kesian' face and for maximum effect,
purse lips and make tiny rabbit noises.
Works. Every. Single. Time.

Socially, she is no longer scared of strangers!!!
I was counting on that to be my safety net but
she winks at people who walks past her.
Or she starts a game of peekaboo.

I think she is going to be the one to give me a weak heart.
You know, the one who goes skiing, sky diving, bungee jumping....just for fun.
You know those 2 storey high indoor slides?
She actually pushes me away so that she can ride solo.

 Right now. she says pretty much the same things and she still calls me 
MAK or BAK (which is sister in Indon)
She is seriously considering kakak as her mom.

Watching Youtube vidoes with Papa.

Wish I have more hours everyday so that I can divide equal time between the two.
Sigh, being a mom is so tough, isn't it?

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