Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Tiger at 3.5 years

He is still not being a loving big bro to Dragon girl.
I force them to hug and kiss each other ALL THE TIME now.
You want biscuit. Go kiss your sister.
Chocolate? Go hug Dragon.
Study? Go sayang mei-mei first.

His fav thing to do?
Saving mama.

If we are walking on the streets and he spots an oncoming car, he will shout, "Stop!"
Then he will bear hug my legs, look at me earnestly with puppy eyes and say, "Mama, NO scared. I save you."
Or he will tell me to roll off the bed and rushes over to 'save' me again :)
See why I haven't been blogging? I'm too busy playing 'damsel-in-distress' and I LOVE it!

After playing superhero, he will usually ask for study.
I try to distract him so that we spend more time bonding than studying.
Papa thinks he is too nerdy already :)

Go Frutti or study? Frutti and then, study
Go shopping or study? Shopping and then study
Mama or papa? Mama and papa.
And is a terrible word.

We are verrry flexible with his study now. Whenever mama is  we are lazy, we will just settle for reading which is something he truly enjoys right now.

His fav books are 
1. The Gingerbread Man
2. Poop book
3. All the Brillkids books
4. Anything to do with the planets/space
5. Peter and Jane..nah, just kidding! 

Some pictures I took of him during school:

He did some Despicable Me worksheets from 1+1+1 = 1
To save on ink, I usually print selected pages only and not the whole pack.
He enjoys these more than I ever will.


It has been a while since he'd seen the pink tower and broad stairs.
He was immediately drawn to them.
Each time, I can see little improvements in his fine motor skills and creativity

Can you see his stance?
He was doing his booty dance after creating this 'flower'

Matching blue and red rods to the number chips.
We took turns 'teaching' number bonds with the little bracelets

Simple constructive triangle work

The box on the left in the pic above is a version of the Imaginets
On the right is the Grolier's Logico set.
He LOVES the Logico set. 
I like the fact that we can play together, unlike that darn Ipad. 

 He enjoys the fake Imaginets too!

 reading & vocab
Most of the books here are early readers.
Others are in the playroom or the master bedroom.

Er San Kuai Du

This is Dragon girl's favourite.
I think we have more messy sessions ever since she came on board

Tiger loves doing this

When expanded, it becomes this:

Created a mini space area from his art work and some glow in the dark stars

His Water Cycle kit:
Sometimes, I put some blue coloring just for fun.

Nobody uses this desk anymore.
Its main function now: calender cum clock holder  =.="

The rest of the room...
Some toddler friendly material and some dangerous beans :)

Tiger thinks its funny to interrupt his sister by playing with her stuff.
Not that Dragon girl is very interested...

The girl just wants to scoop and do little else, which is fine too.

Golden beads to compare quantity and some unifix cubes
Baskets: 1. Wooden cubes; 2. Abacus beads; 3. Tangram pieces
We use this section for math and counting / fine motor

The boy who will never be a model

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