Thursday, 12 December 2013

Mini Christmas Trees

We just finished putting more baubles on the tree when inspiration striked.
Since I am not about to spend time and money on felting, let's just upcycle, shall we?

Grabbed some wooden trees from Tiger's train set.
Don't they already scream Christmas?
Hmmmm, some baubles, deco?
Ah-hah, I have some shiny bling bling in the sticker stash!
They cost rm2.90 for a huge pack from Fun n Cheer.

Don't they look great?
I should write a book, called,
Crafting for the Lazy

I thought of creating a Christmas Wonderland bin
but right now, the knick-knacks are just lying on the floor :p
I blame hubs since he wanted to watch The Hobbits last night.
  Have a great weekend!
We have a surprise giveaway next week, so stay tuned :)
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