Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Playroom for the one-year-old

We love this room almost as much as the study room.
This is where Dragon girl spents at least 12 hours a day.
For that reason alone, I like to make it nice and neat.
As neat as possible, which can be really subjective.

So, on a good day, it looks like this.
Seriously, this is considered a VERY good day.
A large part of the room is filled with books and more books!
Unlike Tiger, the sister loves books.
I hope they never, ever find traces of herpes on children's book.

This is the main area.
The carpet is high-pile rug from IKEA.
I love it cause it looks like grass.
Dragon usually ends on the carpet during her naps.
The open rack on the right is mostly for blocks and little knick knacks.
One container is reserved for stray items.
Staples are the musical instruments and Leapfrog Alphabets Magnets.
Balls are a must for toddlers.
The mirror next to the rack is also from IKEA
 I shatter-proof it with window stickers from Daiso.
Mirrors are great at any age.

Her baby toys are still on this shelves here.
Usually some sorter. stacker, puzzles, etc.

Along the adjacent wall are the pretend play items:
The IKEA kitchen! I know, I know...we already have the pink one.
But this one matches the cupboards. Lame excuse, hor?
She saw Dexter and Dee Dee's one and she just kept playing with it.
Girls will be girls.
She even carries a handbag like me...hihi.
The pink plastic one is now outdoors for water & messy play.

I created a farm scene on the train table but the animals and props
have mysteriously disappeared.  
Sometimes, the toys migrate to the living area.

And her favourite toy of all times: The Fisher Price Home.
(that's her nap time mattress behind the toy)
I think this is only FP item that both the kids love.
This is no longer available locally as far as I know.
Collector's item! 
The rest of the FP toys are mostly ignored...

...so they are packed up to be....hihi, tell you guys soon!

In case you need some inspiration for Christmas,
other stuff that she really enjoys are:

The Grow&up Slide and Gym (from ToyRus)
They both LOVE this so very much.
It has proven to be worth it price.
Dragon has been climbing up this thing ever since she was six months old. 
They both love climbing the gym part just to scare the adults.
Dragon will also lay on the slide to read books.

Her scary looking doll (from ToyRus warehouse sale)
Bought this for Tiger when I was still carrying the sister.
The cry scared the shit out of him...to this day.
Haha...but the sister loves it.
She feeds the doll and brushes the hair.
Great for pretend play.

Leapfrog Peek A Shoe Octopus

Pop-ups and Lift-the-flaps books
in all shapes and sizes.

ELC easy painters & Crayola crayons

More than all the above, she enjoys putting on her shoes and going outdoors.
It can be a car ride to the stores or a walk to the park.
Anywhere, as long as she gets to go out.
Whenever we approach the park, she would squeal and laugh in delight.

Hope you guys get some ideas for Christmas :)
Happy shopping!


Liz said...

Hi Jessica, I found your blog researching activities for my own toddler! I've been trying to rework my son's room and was inspired by yours! I'll hopefully get to blog about it soon too.

rizqwafriy said...

Hi. Where did u buy the slide n gym? Which toys r us? Mind sharing the price? Tq

Jessica Tan said...

Hi Liz, thanks for stopping by. Playrooms are the best, aren't they?

Jessica Tan said...

Hi babe, hubs bought it on a whim from ToyRus Empire in Subang. It was about 400 plus. My sister bought a slide/swing from Tesco for rm199, so it really is overpriced.

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