Friday, 22 November 2013

Preschool update at 3 years 4 months

It is so NICE to just watch the two lil fellows at work.
Being an observer is more difficult then being a teacher.
I will be reminding myself to NOT interfere and just watch them.
 The end result is always so much more rewarding.
He is progressing very well in terms of academics
I am trying to justify 'what he can do' with 'what I let him do'
Not the easiest thing in today's world.
I am not going to even try to be politically or socially right by others' standards.

So, we go by Tiger's standard.
I am just following his lead and look where we are today :)

Personally, this is not my fav subject.
It would have been witchcraft but unfortunately it wasn't in our curriculum.
Weirdly enough, my nerd nerd likes it.
I got some XL beads from ToyRus at 50% discount.
We counted them out and then with some pipe cleaners,
we created some number bracelets to learn number bonds.
Something like this

Counting 1 to 10 with Montessori materials


We did some simple addition
I wrote his answers since he could only write number 1 :)

Some graphing work.

We are at Book 4B for Peter & Jane

I'd updated on his Bao Bei classes progress here

Playing with his "er san kuai du" at home

Right brain
We did zero practice..haha.
He really sucked at memory work now.

Messy Play
This is the sand box we did for Halloween.
I have so many pics of kakak with the kids (jealous)

She is actually wearing one of those cute jeans panties
but the shirt is too long.

My best friend. Really. We have the same brain and heart.


I spent a great chunk of last week with the Haiyan donation drive.
Seriously, I really enjoyed the work because sorting and packing is my 'thing'
but to involve so much of human resources....I will just donate more money next time .

That's me in pink, being verrry attractive.
Really enjoyed spending the night with my sisters, 
chatting and working till five am.

Life in general...
Most evenings are spent at the park and bicycling.
We are trying to get as much outdoor time as possible
and that usually ends with us running back to the house,
racing against the skies before rainfall.

Best memories, ever.

How have you been with your kids?
I would love to hear from you guys too.
Leave me some snippets in comments will ya?


Rebecca Sia said...

hi Jessica,
Where did you get the er san kuai du?
Our progress, we are slowing getting into more learning at tot school. trying to prepare more stuff, kinda still suck at it.
How is Dragon doing?? Missing her already...

Jessica Tan said...

Hi Rebecca,

I pre-ordered from Gift2kids. Youcan link to them via the icon at the side bar.
I will update on lil dragon soon!

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