Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Tot School: Halloween & Spiders

Tiger is 28.5 months old.

We are no longer following a theme strictly but since it was Halloween
and he had a thing for spiders recently...I felt inspired as well :)

Here are some of the stuff we did:

 This was a fix-the-skeleton fine motor work.
Mission: reattach the joints of shoulder and hips.
It was harder than it looks

When he finally did it, he did a little dance of victory.

Painting is always a favorite activity of Tiger's.
We did some foam painting with shaving cream and spiders.
He chose yellow and orange.

A wonderful sensorial experience.
I was delighted that he enjoyed it so much and didn't complain about dirtying his hands.
Having said that, he requested to wash up the moment he was done.

Dot painting is still a hit.

 Painting with Crayola paintbrush.
Just to reinforce his colours and fine motor skills.
He asked, "Colour inside line?"
I answered, "You can colour anywhere you like. No restrictions."
Tiger replied, "Silly mama"

Tracing lines with his dry erase board and markers

Matching silicone shapes

Matching lowercase to uppercase letters

Care of self: Dress-up bear.
He could manage the zipper, velcro and button himself.

This is a logic puzzle that was free with purchase of Enfagrow sometime ago.
He is an expert but failed to conquer the master level.
Maybe in a few more months...

We usually start 'school' with tot tray activities.
Some activities allows me to leave him for a while to prepare his right brain stuff.
Time is so precious nowadays..

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