Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Alphabet Box For Toddlers

Being a blog stalker, this was a love at first sight project for me. An 'Alphabet Box' is basically a chest of little drawers (those used for little nuts and screws) to store little objects beginning with the same letter sound.

I...umm...bought two sets of black little drawers from Giant hypermarket sometime back. One was intended for the medicine cabinet but I told hubby I needed two :pp

I am still in the process of collecting little knick-knacks to fill the drawers when I realised that he could just match his EVA foam letters to the drawers! Since he is so into alphabets and phonics at the moment, this was a wonderful little exercise for him.

First, we got his 'pasar malam' alphabet stickers to label the drawers from A to Z

Excellent fine motor work!
Also good to practise his alphabet recognition.

He messed up the drawers and was made to put them back :p

The labelled drawers (upper case)
I made the letter sounds as he searches on the foam mat (lower case)
Then he pulls out the matching drawer and places the letter inside.
There were some alphabets that he required help but mostly he was pretty independent.

Teaching E E. (Yup, he named the monkey E E)

Good job kiss!

We spent about an hour playing this (yes, he has crazy attention span at times).

If you like the idea, please visit:
Living Montessori- DIY Alphabet Box for links and variations to the box.
Counting Coconuts: The Alphabet Box. She has included a list of suitable objects and a free template for the letters.

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