Friday, 16 March 2012

Phonics play: 'Swimming' With Letters

I love the mornings when I am not working and waking up to Tiger's voice.

Today was such a morning. We were in a mad rush for his Tweedlewink class at 9 am but we made just it in time. Surprisingly, he was VERY well behaved today. He did stare at his new classmate for the first five minutes to check out the competition.

He has become more keen on phonics lately, asking for Letter I and saying "Eee" repeatedly. He has moved on from Math to Phonics now =)

Then, we had a mini breakfast at Papa Rich where he was an angel again, the waiters went "Aah, comel nye" (Translation: So cute)

When we got home, I casually mentioned "Swimming?" and he went NUTS. He started doing his jiggly dance and assisted in changing his outfit...he he...this would never happen if it was bath time.

Since he is so into letters at the moment, we used his ELC foam alphabets for water play. We said all the phonic sounds randomly as we tossed them into the pool.

He kept swirling them around and laughed non-stop

I am off to IKEA with Ashleyprettimummy while Tiger nap.

Have a great weekend y'all!!!

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