Friday, 16 March 2012

Toys: Rotating Them With Tiger

We are taking a mini break from Tot School/Theme Units because I could sense that Tiger was becoming bored. He'd rather paint or sing toYoutube during Train Week.

He was also getting bored with his playroom because Mommy was too lazy/fat to rotate his toys.

According to Grandma, he would go into his playroom every morning, look into the baskets of manipulatives and occasionally select a few to play with. Since I don't get to see him in action, I have to get feedback from Grandma and the maid regarding his habits (The sad part of being a working mom)

The slide and the train table are his favourite toys. He also likes the drum set and play kitchen because they are the noise makers :p

When Tiger was younger, I would rotate the toys after he has gone to bed. Since I have the energy level of a sloth now, I had no choice but to do it before I collapse for the night.

Last night, we experimented: Rotating Toys With A Busybody. Surprisingly, it was a very good night of learning. In fact, I think he enjoyed it more than schooling..he he.

I let him select his own manipulatives.
He chose the pipe ones.
I made an 'E" and asked him to search for it.
He loves matching games.
According to Tiger, "E is for Eh-fant"

Then, he wanted to tread buttons.
He needs help with this activity.
I love it when he asks for help since he is usually such an independent worker ^.^

We expanded the alphabet mat.
He really likes this EVA mat but I REALLY need to toss it out.
It was a gift.
The ban on EVA mats in Belgium and France are actually due to the emission of the formamides.
I couldn't find the any further details on this mat.
I am not sure how safe they are but hey, there are tons of other carcinogens around us.
When we first got these, I washed them. Yes, I did.
And dried them in the scorching sun, hence the faded colours.
Then, I left them outdoors until they no longer emit any smell.

This 'Pixar Cars' mat is made in Korea (Parklon)
According to Parklon, they have been tested to be safe. Here's their certificate.
I was going to roll up the mat when he stopped me.
We flipped it over and and he rolled, jumped, fell, laughed and sang.

He sang 'his' own version ABC which goes something like this, "A, C, E, A, D, ahhhhhh"

We stored away the kitchen and FP Learning Home.
The train table is for his wooden toys.
The slide is a permanent fixture.
He loved the ball pit so much, he didn't want to go to bed. I added his soft blocks as well.
We played till almost midnight :p

Sigh, the mat do look so nice...

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