Thursday, 15 March 2012

Messy art: Mixing colours

Tiger was suffering from art abstinence during his illness.

Yesterday, he found his plaster photo frame that we painted some time back and asked demanded for 'painting'. He told me "down" (to go downstairs) then he ran towards the door, asking to paint outdoors.

His rashes have been healing nicely without secondary infections, so I finally allowed him to get messy.
He was thrilled. Since it was late evening, we had to do it indoors. Dengue fever is rampant in this part of the world.

Mixing primary colours.
We used sorting plates as paint palettes
He loves the Melissa and Doug Jumbo brush.
Can you see the dash of green?

Asking for water to dilute the paint

He took the green plate and asked for "gween" paint

My favourite part of the whole evening?

My Little Tiger cleaning up after himself

Taking the stool to Mommy's bathroom for washing up.
Double ^.^

So glad he's better for more artsy fun

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