Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Shapes and Colour Sensory Box

This is our shape & sensory box that thankfully, Tiger enjoyed.

I think he likes this song from Youtube more than the box.  Wait, that's an understatement. He has learned to sign 'yes' from his desire to hear the song. This happened when he woke up one day:

Mommy: Morning baby, I love you.
Tiger     : Push Mommy away. Signs 'open' vigorously. (He wants to switch on the PC)
Mommy: What do you want to open?
Tiger     : Walks to the study room and says, "Sheps, sheps"
Mommy: You want to sing song?
Tiger     : Shakes head
Mommy: Yes or no?
Tiger     : Puts one hand on his head and bends his knee repeatedly. Bwahahahaha. That's how he nods his head. Note: This is what happens when you use YOUR hand to make your child nod his head.

Mmmm......this little boy of mine makes me ROFL, then fall in love over and over again.

Here's Tiger with the box:
Choosing his shape finder

I say the colours as he lays the flowers out

Messing around

Matching shapes and sponges

Dropping the flowers. There is a nice floating effect

Ingredients in box:

1. Shape finders from here which I cut and laminated. Since he isn't able to find objects in the house that matches the shape yet, I didn't put in a popsicle stick.
We use them to dance to the song and make silly faces through the clear parts.

2. Base material: Polyester flowers from a lei I got from Fun & Cheer. RM3.50 only.

3. Wooden shapes from Melissa & Doug Sorter for stringing

4. Shape sponges from Craft Haven. (Will be using them for art this weekend)

5. Plus-size pom poms and some sparkly ones for fun

6. The round thingy at the bottom left of the pic is a nylon string with stopper that came with some manipulatives I bought earlier. You can use a large button for stopper.

That's all. Easy peasy and so much fun :)

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