Thursday, 22 September 2011

Is your child gifted? A Checklist

Do I think Tiger's gifted?

It is not recommended to assess your child before 2 years old because the test may not be accurate and it is costly. However, gifted children may be easily misunderstood as weak if they were to be bored in class. If you know your child is gifted, you can nurture a talent and give them the oppurtunity to blossom.

If you are interested. This is the link. They have different sets of questionaire for different age groups. I didn't do more questionaire as I wasn't really interested if he's gifted or not. Just curious. I am and will be giving him my all anyway... 

Birth – 2 years
The following checklist is from of what you may want to look out for after your child is born up to 2 years of age.
  • Ability of recognize carers early (within a few months after birth)
  • Stranger anxiety from 4 months old.
  • Early expressions (e.g. smiling)
  • Don't all baby smile? Tiger smiles to family members only on rare occasions and he mostly was very serious up till about 12 months. Always had a "Buzz off, I am thinking" old man look.
  • Unusual alertness
  • Forever mumbling and interacting with surrounding since 1 week old
  • Interest in books (turning pages of books before 1 year of age and paying attention when read to within 6 months)
  • He loved books after 1 year old but was turning pages since 8/9 months old. At 15 months, he brings me the book and sits on my lap to read
  • Interest in computers 
  • Thx to the Shapes Song and prior to that Brillkid. Loves the mouse
  • Unusually active and high levels of energy (but not hyperactive)
  • I think most toddlers will fulfill this. He's rough, definitely but has amazing attention span
  • Playing with shape sorters by about 11 months.
  • Hah, this one definitely out. Hates FP shape sorters no matter how many times I rotate them. Occasionally plays with the imaginarium wooden ones.
  • Ability to form two word phrases by 14 months
  • Nope. Many words gibberish, yes.
  • Ability to understand instructions by 18 months
  • This one yes. Since 13 months, he could bring me things and return books to baskets, etc
  • Ability to say and understand many words before 18 months
  • He has a reasonable amount of words and understands a lot more. But nothing spectacular
  • Could stay still and enjoy a TV programs (e.g., Sesame Street) by the age of 1
  • Stay still? No way, Tiger will be dancing :)
  • YBCR: Hates the vocab parts and pay attention to ths songs only.
  • "Pat The Bunny" DVD: He dances to his favourite songs. No cartoon or character shows for him yet. Urgh...trying to keep the Ben 10 days away.
  • Has favorite TV shows/VCD/DVDs by age 1
  • Why is this a criteria anyways? Aren't we not allowed TV before 2 years old? Has lots of 'My Favourite Things'
  • Appears to require less sleep (yet not sleepy or irritable due to lack of sleep)
  • During the first 3 months, slept very little at night. Mostly crying and fussy. Now, he gets about 8-9 hours per night and naps twice a day for 1/2 hour only. Total about 10 hours/day
  • Recognition of letters/alphabets by age 2
  • Recognition and rote counting of numbers 1 – 10 or higher by age 2
  • Recognition of colors by age 2
  • Recognition of first word by age 2
  • Interest in puzzles by age 2
  • Has long attention span in interest areas by age 2
  • Ability to form at least 3 word sentence by age 2
  • Interest in time by age 2
  • These, we will have to wait and see

Conclusion: Inconclusive. Must wait till he's 2 years old to complete the questionaire.

PS: This a rough guide, not the real test for giftedness. I posted this for awareness, just in case you have a gifted child and didn't realize it.

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