Sunday, 4 September 2011

Messy art: Foot Painting

This was intended to be foot painting but in true toddler style, it turned out to hand and face painting as well.

1. Small inflatable pool from Giant Hypermarket
Always do messy art with a toddler in a small inflatable pool for damage control.
It is also easier for clean-up. Trust me, I learned my lesson the hard way.
2. Cloth from Daiso. Paper won't last more than five minutes.
3. Pebeo finger paint: RM 50 for 4 tubes and a plastic smock from Craft Haven. This one has a nice consistency and not too runny like Crayola.
4. Tray: to replace art palette.

Feeling finger paint for the first time. Previously, we used yoghurt with fruits like dragonfruit (lovely shade of purple) and instant pudding. Yummy!
Unfortunately, the flies wanted a piece of the action as well and it was quite gross.

I used a tray to lay out the colours but Tiger preferred the paint fresh from the tube :)

Since I intended for this to be foot painting session, I painted his feet..LOL

Preparing for clean up

Washing up with soap, cloth and sponge


Thank God I took a picture of Tiger's masterpiece as it was destroyed in the rain overnight. Such a shame, we were planning to turn it into a skirt for Grandma :)

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