Thursday, 29 September 2011

Shopping: Toy addict

Are you a toy addict? I know I am.

This is one of the open-ended toys that I bought before Tiger was born. Hehe, I know...kiasu. I bought the smaller version just to see if he likes it. If he does, then I'll get the deluxe set :)

The wedgits are one of his Tot tray items for the week:

Funny boy decided to wear them as anklets:

Delighted with his work

I love this pose. Occasionally, he looks so grown up.

He is also loving his Mega blocks this week :) Finally...
I was starting to worry it was a wasted investment

Sometimes, I feel like a bad mother because there are times when I feel too exhausted to study with Tiger.
I have fallen asleep in class before  :p
This is Tiger copying my laziness..
He pretended to sleep while I was reading Mister Seahorse (Eric Carle) to him!!


Since Tiger's flu is clearing up, this weekend I'll be good mommy and I am planning to do these:

Logos Hope – Floating Book Fair In Malaysia –

1. In conjuction with our Ocean Theme, We will visit the MV Logos Hope ship at Port Klang. It is a floating book fair with > 5000 titles and an international crew. They will be around from 29 Sept to 23 Oct 2011.
He'll get to see the sea (I'll just pretend it's an ocean) and a ship!! I'll get to buy books, how fun is that?

2. If Daddy's not a party pooper this weekend, we will go to the Play & Learn Discovery Exhibition at Midvalley Exibition Hall this weekend. More toys and stuff to feed my addiction. *Evil grin*. If Daddy ain't going, I'll just bring the kiddo myself.


Have a good weekend y'all!!
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