Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Letter: Favouritism

Letter To Tiger Thursday

Dear Tiger,

Lately, your favourite word is, "papa" and you say it in such a lovely manner. You would't repeat 'mama' after me and still insist on saying 'papa'. It makes your Daddy laugh with so much joy and glee. He thinks that it's because HE is your favourite person in the world.

Mommy was a little irked at first. Shouldn't I be your favourite person in the world? Why wouldn't you show me where are your 'nose' and 'eyes' but you love to show Daddy?

It's ok because I know you love me too. Toddlers misbehave around people thay are closest to. So, I know I am your No. 1 and Daddy's No.3 (after Grandma) :p

Our fabulous family

How I wish I can have your opinion on having another sibling. I really want you to have a little sister but timing is of the essence. Have another little one now and I will neglect you a little more. Have another one later (when you are three years old), but age is catching up.

Hmm, in the end Mommy decided for fate to take its course. If we have a Little Dragon next year, great. If not, I have you and that's more than I could ever ask for.

See what it says on your door?

Love you lots,

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