Monday, 12 September 2011

Tot School: G is for Goat

‘Un’schooling Tiger Week 7 (1- 10th August) @ 14.5 months

Alphabet:G is for Goat
Theme: The Farm

We are linking up to Tot school :

Pretend play
I wanted to go to a real farm but the thought of animals in captivity does not appeal to me. Therefore, we have a pretend farm.  

This is actually the train table to which I added some farm animals, props and a digger.
Tiger enjoyed playing with the DIY barn i made from a box. You can see it is not very well made cause the pieces were coming off..haha..

   This is the back of the barn.

The roof can be opened to see the animals inside and for storage later

Printables for DIY barn here

I printed & laminated some pieces from this gorgeous farm life printable from Lawteedah here for singing:
  • Old Macdonald Had A Farm
  • Farmer in The Dell

Learning letter G:

He really likes the EVA foam letters

We have started our sandpaper letter tracing. Tutorial for sandpaper letters here
He makes the letter sound for 'g' everytime he traces.
He goes gak, gak, gak

The Leapfrog fridge phonics and Playskool Alphie makes my life easier for phonics


Tot trays
Playing with the 3 part magnetic farm animal puzzles.
He is trying to make them stand, which he can't.
Spent a good 15 minutes doing this while sitting cross legged

Seemingly threading buttons but he was just pulling the thread :)

My little magpie likes his new sparkly pom-poms from Daiso

Playing with the small-pegged numbers puzzles.

 Pre writing worsheets:

Using markers on worksheet from 1+1+1

He stamped on it first with a free 'Gigabyte No. 1' stamp that Mommy nicked from Daddy's desk.
G is for Gigabyte too...LOL

We did a lot of paperwork this week. Will post our 'art' as soon as I get Daddy to put up the new Ikea rail.

World study
Still enjoying his continent map.

Painting on 'Girl With a Pearl Earring' by Johannes Vermeer 

Signs 'listen' and hum whenever I play a note.
Ask for the piano by signing 'listen'


We had a rather quiet weekend cause Tiger's down with a mild case of flu. Mommy did some shopping for Tiger's Tot School though.

My finds:

1. Crayola Dry Erase Activity Center

2. Crayola Beginnings. I am a sucker for Crayola, especially the pig in this set :p

3. Desk and Chair from Ikea

4. More picture books from Borders. I found The Rainbow Fish. Yay!! 
Rainbow Fish Big Book

5. Water table. Yay!! Not exactly Tot School but I've always wanted one. It's for sensorial..hah


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