Monday, 19 September 2011

Sticker Art, Math & Montessori

~Tiger's 15 months old~

Occasionally, Tiger decides on his own activity
Here, he found the sticker stash.
So, I'll just go with the flow.

As I hand him the stickers, I will say the numbers (Math)
He has learned '3' and '9'
He (mostly) stickers to where I point
Excellent fine motor and coordination activity (Montessori)
I tried to get him to use both hands alternately (whole brain training) but he is definitely a right-handed boy
 We reused an A4 paper that Daddy printed wrongly on
His forefinger is pointing. This is delicate work!

Frame and admire! (Art)

Easiest and cleanest art activity for a toddler. Since we used recycled paper, this is a green activity too :)

Stickers: RM 0.80 from Fun & Cheer. (Did I mention it was cheap too?)

Art: Priceless

Difficulty: 0.5/5

We are linking up to Montessori Monday at One Hook Wonder. Head over for more ideas.

One Hook Wonder
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