Thursday, 24 November 2011

Why Won't You Say Mama?

Letter To Tiger Thursday

Dear Tiger,

Mommy's a little irritated with you.

My sweet 17 month old boy, WHY WON'T YOU SAY MAMA?

You just won't say it spontaneously. Only when you need me for something, you will wail "Ma Ma MA MA" but never a two-syllabic mama.

I am a little upset because you can make the letter M sound and say mum-mum (food). Also, you sing this:

Ah, ah, apple
Beh,beh, ball
Khe, khe, Khe (cat)

If you are making letter M sound, why won't you say mama? *Bang head against wall*

To add salt to the wound, you call the maid in 3 different ways: Kakak (sister in Malay), Ah Kak (short for kakak) and Ah Kek (her name). *Bang head against floor*

When Kakak say "Tiger" (Well, not exactly Tiger but your real name), you will reply, "Ah Kak". When I do the same, you look at me and blink blink. *Insert cricket sound*

Daddy thinks it's hilarious that you call me "Eh" or "Papa". Honestly, it is driving me up the wall. I have tried bribing you with food, toys, books, etc....arrrgghhhh....I'll have to think of something else, hmmm, maybe I'll starve you...but grandma's around (who you call "nai nai' nowadays because you are allergic to M-words)

Maybe no Tot School until you say Mama. That'll teach you a lesson! *Insert evil laugh*

Lots of Love, Not That Much Love (cause my ego's bruised and squashed),


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